roosterresearch (roosterresearch) wrote,

The Hot Peace of the Early 21st Century

This is one of my first entries here, borrowed from my site on the markets, still on my mind
I note a less than random thought - a notion stirred by recent events. The gradual ascension of China, the United States' current global engagement policies and developments on the macro scale lead us to label the recent and coming years as the "Hot Peace" of global multi-lateral jockeying continues. The "Hot Peace" of the early 21st century is our label for one of the threads running through a variety of recent developments, including: The impact recent elections in the Ukraine on the European Union and Russia, the unrelenting strife before and after the recent elections in Iraq, in the mixed success of the global relief effort in Southeast Asia, and in quest for energy and natural resources and solutions (think Yukos, the Chinese and the Japanese friction over petro-resources, the infrastructure challenges developing in Venezuela, the discontent in Natural gas wealthy Bolivia, you get the idea....) The thread can can be reduced to the balance of demand and supply for the world's resources. A resumption and expansion of the "Great Game", that once took place in the Central Asian hinterlands, is writ large in our minds, and will the coming decade's history. A secular rise in prices and renewed speculative interest in the non-correlated market opportunity of futures trading, is here until 2015-2020, basically the first generation of the 21st century. As usual, we have no qualms about sharing our bias with our readers and paying members. As warfare, open and otherwise, takes place in the Middle East, and anywhere potential reserves, resources and technical solutions (hello Nanotech!) are to be found, an uneasy and uncertain "Hot Peace" will shape the global order for the next century. Opinions about the shifting power landscape, at least as we view it from the perch of our own in-house weather vane will be a part of commentary going forward, as time and our caprice occasions us.
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